Experiment 5 – Toast Water

That’s right…toast…water. It is, exactly, what it sounds like. Toast flavoured water. I came across this rather bizarre recipe recently in Mrs Beeton. It is, she informs us, a recipe intended for ‘invalids’ and by that she presumably means those who are having trouble keeping down solid foods…it is also cheap and stupendously easy to make…two qualities which I like in a recipe.

The recipe itself is so simple (although it took three attempts to get it right!) that there is little point segregating this post into ‘recipe’ and ‘method’ as I have done previously. Basically, get a bit of toast which is brown (not black, first experiment failed for this reason – it tastes foul in drink form) and then add it to a jug of boiling water and leave it to cool. Nota bene, add it to the jug of water not the other way around, I attempted to introduce water to the toast the second time round and it basically pulverised the bread so that the resulting drink was very … bitty.

toast water

Once your toast and boiling water have met leave them to get to know one another and wait until the water is cooled before you attempt to drink it.

The result? It is actually quite refreshing with a sort of caramel/toffee taste to it along with an unmistakable ‘toasted’ flavour…which is hardly surprising. What is surprising is how nice it is. I don’t normally go in for the flavoured waters you see in the supermarket. Why have lemon flavoured water when you can just have lemon juice/lemonade?  This on the other hand has none of the tart citrus flavour, and you get all the joy of  a piece of toast without any of the hassle of chewing!


I could honestly get used to drinking this for pleasure. …and I know what I shall be making myself the next time I give myself food poisoning. Given the nature of some of these experiments that time is not likely to be too far off!  So, even as I finish writing this I am pouring myself a second glass of the stuff…I did not see that coming!

toast water

A tasty glass of toast water while writing this post. Thank’s to Mrs Beeton.


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